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Great Catamaran in Malaga with a solarium on the upper deck of 40 m2, plus the area of nets in bow, where you can lie comfortably and enjoy the sun.

Rates and prices

  • Catamaran Walk
    12 €
    Departure: 12:15
    Departure: 14:00
    Departure: 16:00
    Duration: 1 Hour Minutes
  • Sunset
    15 €
    Departure: 17:30
    Duration: 1,5 Hours

Nautical Events and Activities

Catamaran rental for nautical events, water activities, corporate events, incentives, product presentations, dinners and private parties, bachelorette parties. You can rent a 130-seat catamaran for an activity at sea, promoting products, presentations, filming, private parties, farewells, etc. We have catamarans of up to 180 passengers.

and Swimming in

One in the morning and one in the afternoon is the best way to enjoy a boat ride while visiting Malaga from the sea. Boat with us and enjoy a Great Catamaran made to measure for the enjoyment and leisure in Malaga.

Consult the prices of the bar

  • Price
    12 €
    Day: Every day
    Departures: 12:15 - 14:00 - 16:00
    Bar: Not included

The beautiful city of Malaga is full of beaches, monuments, architecture, parks and of course history, all distributed between the mountains that surround the city and the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect mix that makes the city have incredible sunsets to enjoy.

  • Price
    15 €
    Day: Every day
    Time: 17:30
    Bar: Not included
Fly Blue Malaga Grand Catamaran

Grand Catamaran

Exclusive catamaran in Malaga for personalized tourist cruises, with an elegant design and with all the comforts.  It consists of a very large roof where you can sunbathe. They are specially designed to mix fun and leisure.

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