Catamaran Lagoon 440

Tourist Excursions

A three-hour boat ride is the most chosen by our customers. With departures from the Port of El Candado in Malaga or from Puerto Banus or Marbella, enjoy this 14 meter catamaran for up to 27 passengers.

Base Port: El Candado - Málaga
Boat: Catamaran Lagoon 440
Cabins: 3 Double
Baths: 3 Complete

Passengers: up to 27
Includes: Crew, fuel and cleaning
Not included: Beverages and food

Andalusia Active Tourism Register: AT/MA/00227

Comfort: The heel in a catamaran is practically null, so the navigation is much more comfortable.

Dizziness: The catamaran moves less, this movement is pitching and not rolling, which is the movement that often makes the passage seasick.

Habitability: The surface in square meters doubles in comparison to a monocoque, it is more luminous and its vision 360 is unbeatable.

Comfort: When the time comes to anchor for swimming or resting, thanks to its low draught, we can get closer to the coast or pass by places where a monohull would be impossible.

Independence: But it doesn't end there, having two hulls joined by the lounge, we get an independence on board that allows more independence among the passengers on board.

Our fleet has the permits, approvals, insurance and professional crew to ensure your safety and quality of service.

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